When selling should I decorate my home for the holidays?

Dated: 10/01/2019

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When selling should I decorate my home for the holidays?

Holiday decor can carry a lot of sentiment and signficance for families, but one question often arises during the holiday season. If I'm putting my house on the market, should I decorate for the holidays? How much decoration is appropriate? While some may avoid any decorations at the risk of putting off members of the buyer pool, tastefully done decorations should not inhibit your ability to sell. In fact, the right decorations might showcase your house in an even more postive light. When determining with what and how much to decorate, follow the guidelines below.

Less is More

While you probably do not need to avoid decorations altogether, it may be wise to limit the number you put up. Decluttering is the general rule of house staging, and should apply to holiday decorating as well. When you place a holiday decoration in a room, it is wise to remove something else. If you follow that rule, you will prevent spaces from appearing overcrowded and smaller than they actually are.

Be Consistent with Design

Choose holiday decorations that are consistent and in line with the color and design scheme of your home. Red, orange, and earth tones may be the colors of fall, but those colors will not work in every home. Likewise, red and green during Christmas may look out of place in some spaces. Opt for holiday decorations in neutrals that flow easily with other items in your home.

Do not Cover Home Assets

Use your holiday decorations to draw eyes to the best features of your home - not cover them up! A tall tree may emphasize the height of your great room ceiling, but if its wide base makes the room feel crowded its not worth it. Have a beautiful fireplace mantle? Don't completely cover it in decorations. A simple wreath hung in a large bay window attracts attention. A large tree in front of the same window could detract from its appeal and prevent buyers from noticing it.

Set the Mood

Take advantage of holiday scents and tastes to create a homey atmosphere. Never underestimate the power of a plate of cookies, or a slowly simmering pot of apple cider on the stove. Open a cookbook on a stand to a favorite holiday cookie recipe, or add a bowl of oranges and cinnamon sticks to the counter. Taste and scent can be powerful tools in selling your home!

When keeping the above guidelines in mind, decorating your home for the holidays can be an asset in the selling process. For more great staging tips, come see us today.

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