Top Three Advice for Sellers & Buyers

Dated: 06/24/2019

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Realtor advice for buyers & sellers

As real estate agents, it is our job to advise our clients so they can make wise investment choices. Your home will likely be the largest asset you own; consequently, it is wise to seek out and heed the advice of experts.

While there will be individual and particular pieces of advice we offer to each buyer and seller, there are some recommendations that are accepted as universal in nature. If you are on the cusp of the buying or selling process, you may want to consider these pieces of advice as your initial checklist to tackle.

Top three pieces of advice for sellers

1. Stage your home

Staging requires effort and at times a monetary investment; however, it has a dramatic impact on the sale of a home. Buyers today expect the clean and polished look popularized on TV renovation and design shows. These staged homes sell a dream, and if you want to sell at the right price, you are going to want to advertise that dream as well.

If some of your furniture is worn or dated, you may want to consider renting a few new pieces to bring in. Your real estate agent may have creative ideas about furniture placement and small touches (a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen) that will showcase your space in the best light.

2. Clean up & Declutter

Yes, a deep cleaning is a must before listing your home. In addition to a thorough scrubbing of the bathtub, though, you'll want to declutter your surfaces. If your counters are cluttered, buyers may think there's not enough storage room in the house. The same rule applies to closets. Consider packing up out of season clothes and accessories so your closets are not crammed full.

3. Depersonalize

Remember, the key here is selling a dream - which means creating a space that potential buyers can imagine their family in. If the house is crammed with personal photos and mementos it will be more difficult for a buyer to envision herself in the space. You want buyers to be looking at the house, not at how cute your family was on last year's vacation. Depersonalizing also means neutralizing some of your decor choices - the bright pink accent wall in the kitchen nook might need to go.

Top three pieces of advice for buyers

1. Get organized

Looking at homes is fun, and it's tempting to dive right in. However, some pre-planning will make the process a lot smoother. If you're planning on taking out a mortgage, get preapproved by the bank. Doing this step before looking at houses will ensure you are looking at homes you can actually afford. It's wise to only look at houses that fit within your budget.

2. Prioritize your wants

Also prior to looking at homes, sit down and think about your wish list. What is most important to you in a house? Number of bedrooms or bathrooms? Open concept? Separate dining room? Two story? One story? Make a list of your desires and rank them according to importance - your non-negotiables and negotiables. Going over this list with your real estate agent will help make sure you don't waste your time going to fifteen houses that aren't going to meet your needs.

3. Listen to your agent

Your agent is not emotionally inolved in the purchase; consequently, your agent can be a great impartial sounding board. Ask your agent if you're missing something in a house. Perhaps you've been turned off by the decor, or you're failing to see an easy fix to the problems you've identified. As your realtor gets to know your needs and wants, he will better be able to advise you. Your real estate agent has been in many homes and should be able to see the diamond in the rough, as well as the rough diamond deceptively spruced up by staging. There will be occassions to simply trust the expert that you have hired to guide you through the process.

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