The Advantage of the Augustedge Trifecta

Dated: 05/02/2020

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The Advantage of the Augustedge Trifecta

At Augustedge, we are more than just a a real estate firm. We also offer insurance, bookkeeping, and accounting services as well. Why? Because we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of ingenuity. We recognize the value in the services we are bringing to our clients with each department and see the benefits of offering new growth opportunities from them. We believe large financial decisions - especially within real estate - should be informed by all of these departments.

With each unique department we have created a one stop shop for promoting business and personal financial success. The best part about the Trifecta is that it takes the guess work out for our clients. It makes it easier than ever for our clients to get their needs met. No more searching for best prices, sacrificing quality, or learning the hard lessons with bad service early on.

We are professionals at handling your business from accounting, taxes and bookkeeping, to insurance policies and premiums, to selling your home or helping your find your new home. Are you wondering about the tax implications of a home purchase or sale, or an investment property? We can give you answers. Are you wondering about the insurance implications of your real estate decisions? We can give you answers. Instead of having to consult multiple offices when making your financial and real estate decisions, we can help you make well-rounded and informed choices. We have the experience and professionalism to guide you on your path to success!

Make an appointment to talk to us today and learn about the power behind the Augustedge Trifecta.

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From farming in Warden, WA, to living in Australia and then back to Wenatchee, I’ve always been profoundly aware of the fundamental need to help others. Whether through their financial picture or he....

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