Spring Cleaning Tasks to Tackle while Quarantined

Dated: 04/01/2020

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Spring cleaning tasks to tackle while quarantined

A lot of us are spending a lot more time in our homes lately than we're accustomed to. COVID-19 has done a lot to change daily life and routines around the world. We're all feeling many different emotions and stressors everyday, but the simple fact is that for now, most of us are at home. For many of us, this unprecedented experience also offers an unprecedented opportunity to tackle projects around the home that tend to get postponed due to busy schedules. If you're looking to make the most of your quarantine time to tackle spring cleaning tasks we have some tips for you.

Tip #1: Make a list

The first order of business is to get organized. Each of us have different areas of our homes that tend to get neglected when life gets hectic. Start out by making a list of the tasks you'd like to accomplish during the quarantine period. After creating your list, organize it in order of priority. What needs the most immediate attention? Are your closets overflowing? Pantry full of expired goods? Dust bunnies multiplying in the corners? What is most important to you to accomplish.

Once you have a list in order of importance, delegate tasks to each day. Some tasks will be best to split up over a few days - we do have to leave time for netflix after all. You are far more likely to actually accomplish tasks if you write out a plan for when you will accomplish them.

Tip #2: Attack the clutter

Now is the ideal time to tackle the clutter collectors in the house. Cleaning tasks like wiping counters, cleaning toilets and windows, and dusting the furniture are easy to do here and there when you have a few spare minutes. However, to really clean out areas of clutter you need a concentrated amount of time - something we finally have right now! Take the time to really go through your closet. Try on clothing items. Make piles of items you want to donate, sell, or trash. If you haven't worn something in over a year it probably doesn't belong in your closet! After tackling the closets in the house, move to the pantry and the junk drawer in the kitchen. Once we get back to a faster pace of life, you'll have so much more peace coming home each day to an organized space!

Tip #3: Work inside and out

When looking for cleaning tasks, don't forget to address your outside spaces as well. Below is our list of tasks you may want to consider tackling - especially if some have been neglected for months (or let's be honest, even longer).

  • Sweep the patio and all walkways outside. Clean exterior windows and light fixtures (you may be shocked at the cobwebs!). Clean up patio furniture and get it ready to be used this spring and summer.
  • Wash interior windows - get the kids to help!
  • Change filters and check the furnace. Check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace batteries.
  • Deep-clean your appliances - when is the last time you cleaned the vent hood above the stove? Trust us, it could use a good scrubbing.
  • Clear out cabinets and drawers in the bathroom and wipe all of them out.

Tip #4: Repurpose your spaces

Our homes are serving many purposes these days. They have become not only our dining space, but our work space, our fitness space, and our entertainment space. Consider moving around some furniture to make the most use of your space. You may want to designate areas of your home for purposes they haven't been used before. Which area is best for you to work in? What space can be used for fitness? What furniture can you repurpose for these tasks?

Tip #5: Motivate yourself!

Keep yourself motivated! Develop a reward system for completed tasks - or simply enjoy the accomplishment of crossing off the items on that list you created. Take before and after pictures of spaces so you can really see and appreciate the difference your work is making.

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