Back to School Home Organization

Dated: 07/30/2019

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Back to School Home Organization

There is no rush like back to school rush. To prepare for the rush, there are a few rooms in your home to get organized. A little bit of organization now will go a long ways toward easier mornings with your kids. Many of these organization tips will also work to make your home much more appealing to prospective buyers.

Point of Entry

One of the most imporant areas to organize is the point of entry (and exit) to the house. Make sure you have a place for each person to put their shoes, bags, and outerwear. Avoid piles by the door that are hard to get past and hard to find things in. Consider whether adding a piece of furniture - for instance, a bench with storage - would help streamline the getting ready process. Before going to bed each night, check to make sure everyone's things are organized and easy to grab on the way out the door.

Laundry room

With the return of school comes the return of activities. Add a few baskets that are specifically for dirty items such as uniforms and practice attire. This way you can be sure that you're washing those things on the high priority list. Consider adding a basket you can put folded clothes in that kids can then take upstairs to put away when they get home from school. Check out pinterest for helpful tips on laundry organization.


Streamline the school lunch packing task! Grab a few bins for the pantry and add different types of lunch items in each bin. For example, one bin for trail mix, one bin for dried fruit and fruit cups, and one bin for energy bars. Kids can pick one item from each bin to put in their lunch box each day. You can do the same thing in the fridge - have a bin for proteins, a bin for dairy, and a bin for fresh fruit and vegetables. Specify how many items from each bin each child can take. Systems like this not only keep you organized, but they also make sure your kids are eating foods from a variety of food groups.


The morning routine will also be much easier with organized closets where things are easy to reach and easy to find. Use a system to group clothing - by type (uniform, play clothes, sport clothes, etc) and by season (summer, spring, winter). Make sure before the start of the school year you do a good purge of all closets. Remove all clothes that no longer fit to avoid the hassle of trying things on the morning of school.

In Conclusion

The key to most home organization is making sure there is a place for everything. Finding appropriately sized bins and clearly marking things takes time, but is well worth the effort. When everybody knows where things go, it is much easier to keep the home running like a well-oiled machine.

If you're discovering you just don't have quite enough space to get organized, come see us! Perhaps it's time to find a new home to work for you and your family.

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