Selling a Home During the COVID-19 Crisis

Dated: 06/03/2020

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Selling a home during the Covid-19 crisis

A lot has changed in our lives in the past two months. In what is usually the busiest real estate season of the year, many are questioning whether or not now is the time to sell. However, due to a move for a job or family changes, you may have little choice but to put your house on the market. When looking to sell a home during the Covid-19 crisis, there are several important things to consider.

Get ready to go virtual

There are no open houses right now, and in person tours are down. This means to sell your home you're going to need a real estate agent ready to go virtual. Professional photographs, as well as 3D tours will greatly increase your chances of being able to sell during the Covid-19 crisis. At Augustedge, we've been taking advantage of Matterport technology to help homes sell quickly and safely.

Going virtual means you want to make sure your home shows well on camera and film. This means that staging - and decluttering - is more important than ever. You will want to consider rearranging furniture so that rooms photograph well.

Get ready for extra precautions

It will be important to be prepared for extra precautions when prospective buyers come to visit your home. While you will likely have fewer showings than normal, it is unlikely someone will buy your home without setting foot in it. Consequently, you will want to have booties, gloves, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes available for when buyers come to the home. A real estate agent is a tremendous advocate during this time, as she can make sure all touched surfaces are cleaned after a showing. A good agent will be the one to provide these supplies for your house to be seen.

Get ready to price well

Interest rates are low right now, which does encourage people to buy. However, many people right now are also concerned about their long-term financial prospects. This means that they may be less likely to stretch their budgets. Now more than ever it will be important to price your home well. Once again, an experienced real estate agent is going to be your best advocate in determining the right price.

Get your home in top condition

There are fewer homes on the market right now. The plus of this fact is that there is less competition for your home. However, with less inventory there may be more focus on potential issues. With the building industry in a bit of upheaval, someone may be less likely to take on renovation projects right now. Consequently, addressing key conditions and cosmetic issues on your house before you list will be beneficial.

While selling a home may take a bit longer right now, and come with a few extra hurdles, the real estate market is still moving. In fact, some financial forecasters recommend selling now - as they expect prices to drop in the future. If you're considering listing your home, talk to us today. We'd love to discuss how you can safely and quickly sell your home, even with the Covid-19 restrictions.

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Selling a Home During the COVID-19 Crisis

A lot has changed in our lives in the past two months. In what is usually the busiest real estate season of the year, many are questioning whether or not now is the time to sell. However, due to a

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