10 Rules Every Organized Home Follows

Dated: 03/02/2020

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10 Rules Every Organized Home Follows

Spring is approaching, and with it the urge to clean and organize our homes. Unfortunately, many spring cleaning efforts are nearly unseen after just a few weeks. Are you looking to get your home organized and keep it that way? Follow these 10 simple rules for an organized home.

#1 Find order 20 minutes a day

Most of us do not have 10 hours a day to devote to the initial organization of our homes. If you're tackling the initial organization of your home, devote just 20 minutes a day for a week or two to the project. Choose one defined space (it could be as defined as a single drawer!) and work for twenty minutes to eliminate clutter. You will be amazed at how much organization can be accomplished in just 20 minutes a day.

#2 Adhere to the one minute rule

Cleaning and organization becomes overwhelming when it piles up. Consequently, live by the rule that if a task takes less than a minute, you do it immediately. For example, rinsing the cup and putting it in the dishwasher instead of just setting it in the sink takes less than a minute. Wiping off the table after breakfast takes less than a minute. Get a delivery from Amazon? Break down the box and take it to the recycling bin immediately.

#3 Going to a different room? Take something with you

Every time you leave a room to go to another take a quick glance around. If there's anything in that room that belongs elsewhere, take it with you when you leave the room. If you can make this a simple rule a habit you will be able to drastically reduce the clutter around your home.

#4 Deal with mail immediately

The mail is one of the primary clutter culprits in your home. Instead of letting the mail stack up in the kitchen, deal with it immediately after returning home. A majority of it can likely go directly into the trash can. If there are papers or flyers you think you may need, have file folders easily accessible. For paperless storage, consider taking a picture on your phone of papers you need information from later.

#5 Make when you wake

When your feet hit the floor in the morning, make your bed. This practice may sound a little militaristic, but it can help set the tone for order for the rest of the day. With a tidy bed, you may be less likely to leave other clutter lying around.

#6 Spot clean bathrooms everyday

Keep lysol wipes or cleaning cloths in each bathroom. After the morning or nightly routine do a quick wipe down of counters and sinks. This will keep the dirt and grime from multiplying, and will also encourage you to keep surfaces clean of clutter.

#7 Catch the clutter at the door

At the entry to the house, have an organized space to catch the clutter. This includes hooks for jackets and scarves, baskets or racks for shoes, hooks for backpacks and keys - basically a place for everything you or your children are tempted to just dump on the floor.

#8 Clean the fridge every week

We've all had the experience of finding a mushy, indistinguishable, smelly container of food in the deep recesses of our fridge - and we'd all rather not experience that again. Make it a habit to weekly sort through your fridge, tossing what has gone bad and making a mental note of what should be used up soon. This is a good habit to get into prior to grocery shopping for the week, and can help you make smart menu choices for what you will eat that week. As you go through the fridge, wipe down drawers and shelves.

#9 Make a schedule for storage areas

Make a schedule for when you will clean out storage areas in your home. It is wise to sort through your pantry every 2-3 months, and the garage at least 2 times a year. The junk drawer may deserve a monthly cleanout schedule.

#10 Keep the family involved

If there is only one person devoted to these rules, then the clutter battle is likely to be lost. Schedule a family meeting and get everyone on the same page. Include all family members in tidy sessions so each person takes ownership for the state of the house.

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10 Rules Every Organized Home Follows

Spring is approaching, and with it the urge to clean and organize our homes. Unfortunately, many spring cleaning efforts are nearly unseen after just a few weeks. Are you looking to get your home

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