8 Ways to Make a Burglar Think You're Home

Dated: 12/03/2019

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8 Ways to Make a Burglar Think You're Home

Are you traveling this holiday season? Make sure your home and belongings are protected with these 8 Ways to Make a Burglar Think You're Home. It's true that when a house looks empty, break-ins happen - a lot. You could choose to never leave home, but with family to visit and beaches beckoning, some other methods may be better employed.

#1 Light up a room or two

Now you could always use your parent's technique of setting one or two lamps on a timer to flip on at the same time everyday. This technique is better than nothing, but there are some advances in the lighting game. These days there are many apps you can connect to smart lighting to turn lights on and off at random times for a more realistic effect. These apps allow you to even turn on and off lights from whatever exoctic location you're in - from the Bahamas to Michigan.

#2 Get the TV going

There's no "I'm home" message like the colorful glare of a TV streaming. Don't worry - you don't need to leave your actual TV on. You can buy something called a FakeTV gizmo that projects lights onto a curtain in a convincing manner. This gadget can either turn on by timer or when it gets dark.

#3 Add in a bit of noise

A quiet home indicates an empty home. Heading out on a day trip? Leave a phone or tablet at home with a noise app running. Choose from sounds like a vacuum cleaner or kettle boiling to deter anyone listening carefully at the door.

#4 Ding and done

Many would be home burglars will ring the doorbell and listen for a response. No response, and they're kicking in the back door. Technology today like Ring doorbells allow you to answer the door remotely. You can talk to the person at your doorstep - which means those with nefarious intentions will likely soon be dashing away.

#5 Leave a trail

The problem with holiday travels is that even with many of the high tech solutions above, a sidewalk and driveway full of snow with no tracks is a dead giveaway that no one is home. The simple solution is to ask your neighbor to drive up and down your driveway a few times, as well as walk up and down your walkway. You could pay a neighbor kid to shovel for maximum effect, but enough tracks will also do the trick. It will appear that someone (albeit someone too lazy to shovel) is home.

#6 Give away parking

Around the holidays many people have family and friends visiting. Ask a neighbor if they have any guests that could park in your driveway. Your neighbor may be thankful for the extra parking space - and that burglar will think twice about stopping by.

#7 Fake security is still security

For under ten dollars you can buy a fake security camera - with lights! A burglar is unlikely to notice that it's not a real device snd the blinking red light should be enough to dissuade any forced entries.

#8 Go with a pet sitter over the kennel

One simple solution is to have someone home even when you're not. It's often possible to find a pet sitter who will stay in your home with your pooch for not much more than what it costs you to board the animal.

With a few of the above techniques, you can be assured that wherever your holiday travels take you, you're home will remain safe and secure.

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