5 Ways to Try out a Neighborhood

Dated: 06/03/2019

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5 Ways to Try out a Neighborhood

Try before you Buy

With many purchases, we heed the advice to try before you buy. From clothing, to shoes, to electronics, we understand the wisdom in ensuring our purchase truly suits our needs and wants.

If we follow the advice to try before we buy in small purchases, then we certainly should for a purchase as large as a house. Granted, though, it's a lot easier to try on a pair of shoes than to try on a house.

While "trying on" a neighborhood before purchasing a home can be difficult, it's not impossible. Here are five ways to test out a neighborhood to make sure it's a perfect fit for you and your family.

1. Talk to your friends

Do you know people who live close to or in the neighborhood you're interested in? Talk to them about what they love...and perhaps don't love...about the location. What are traffic patterns like? What is the noise level? How do people feel about the schools? Do people keep to themselves or are there frequent outdoor gatherings of neighbors? If many houses on the street were built around the same time by the same builder, it can be very helpful to ask about what maintenance or structural issues have popped up over the years. A little bit of investigation can go a long ways.

2. Walk the Streets

Walking the streets may seem like a rather simple piece of advice, but it can very helpful for getting a feel for the neighborhood. Are yards well kept? What is the condition of the sidewalks? Are there people out and about? If someone is working in their front yard, you could even stop to chat about the neighborhood! If you have a dog you like to walk, or like go for a daily run, try doing that in the neighborhood. You will get a much better sense for the neighboorhood on your two feet than in your car.

3. Test the taste

Let's be honest, much of our lives revolves around food. What restaurants and coffee shops are close by? Can you walk to any? How far away are you from your favorite grocery store? Eating is something we do 365 days a year, so think about how this new neighborhood will impact your feasting - for better or for worse.

4. Take the time to envision

Once again, this piece of advice may sound a little bit simple and a little bit silly, but it is crucial in making a good home purchase decision. Think about your daily and weekly routines. How will they look the same or how will they look different in this new neighborhood? What things are you willing to sacrifice and what are the non-negotiables? Having trouble envisioning? Actually try out some things. Try your morning commute to work or school from the neighborhood. Go for your evening jog. Try to get a picutre of what life will look like.

6. Rent it

There's no better way to really get a feel in a neighborhood then to actually live in the neighborhood. Check out whether there are any short term rentals, or even an Airbnb rental, in the area. Don't be in a rush to make a huge purchase - if you're unsure about or new to the area it can be incredibly wise to spend some time renting.

At Augustedge we pride ourselves in knowing the neighborhoods throughout the valley, and it is our privilege to help you find the place that truly feels like home. Contact us today for advice and guidance!

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