Hiring a painter? Questions to ask.

Dated: 10/03/2019

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Hiring a painter? Questions to ask.

Painting is a time and labor intensive endeavor. Whether you're painting to make your house appeal to potential buyers, or painting to make your new house your own, many choose to hire the job out. Before you hire a professional painter, though, you'll want to ask a few questions.

Do you have references?

Unless you already have received several reliable references for the painter, it is wise to ask the painter to provide a list of prior jobs. If the painter is reputable, he will not mind providing names of clients to provide reviews of his work. You can also look online for reviews and social media comments to get a sense of the painter's reputation. Chances are, if you can't hunt down any reviews, this is likely someone to avoid.

What is included in the estimate?

If a painter's estimate comes back looking too good to be true - it probably is. One specific item to ask is whether the paint itself is included in the job estimate. A low bid often doesn't include the cost of purchasing the supplies.

What type of paint do you plan on using?

Another reason for low estimates can be a plan to use cheap paint. You will want to learn what paint the contractor plans on using and research the quality of that paint. You will want the painter to use paint designed for the space that he is working in. For example, the paint used in a dining room may be entirely different than the paint used in a high-moisture area.

High gloss paints don't absorb moisture and are easier to wipe down. Consequently, these paints are often chosen for bathrooms and kitchens. High gloss paint, though, is less common in other areas of the home.

Check what brand of paint the painter is planning on using as well, and do a little of your own online research to see if that paint has high reviews.

How many coats of paint do you plan on applying?

While this may appear to be a very specific question, it is a great indicator on the quality of work planned. Some painters may place a bid that only covers the application of one coat. While the job may look great at first, the longevity will likely be less than desired. If you're changing the color of a wall or painting a brand-new wall the generally acccepted advice is one coat of primer and two coats of paint. 

What is the payment process?

A reputable painter will not expect full payment until the job is completed. In fact, it is probably not wise to pay more than 30% of cost of the project to begin. If full payment is given at the beginning, the contractor may drag his feet in completing the job - or worse, run off with the money.

Information found on Realtor.com.

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